Posted by on April 19, 2017


in 1996 Abstract Electronics distributes and sources electronic components and hardware for commercial and military OEMs and CEMs. Our customer base includes many Fortune 500 companies. In addition to furnishing product from our growing list of franchised and manufacture direct lines, we can provide sourcing services to you when you find yourself faced with long lead time and obsolete requirements.

Quality Control is the prime focus at Abstract Electronics. Our AS9120 certified Quality Management System provides the framework for consistent and reliable transactions. Our inspection process is based on IDEA STD1010A and includes a rigorous counterfeit detection process. Inspection personnel are continually trained in the latest detection methods and our memberships with ERAI and GIDEP keep us informed of the latest sub-standard and re-called parts. Most often, we can supply product with full manufacturer’s traceability, air worthiness, or test certifications.

Value added services include JIT delivery, tape and reeling, dry-pack, electrical function testing with de-cap die verifications and free freight programs.