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Power & Lighting Division

Exclusive: North American Distributor

Billion Electric Co:

Manufacture desk top & wall mount power supplies 18W-90W. LED drivers 30W-200W, IP65-67, dimming & non dimming. Light controls integrated with Google Map platform, smart phone application for on-site testing, Billion LCMS Cloud, Intelligent Streetlight Control & Management Systems. Full CM facilities in China.


Design & Manufacture intelligent LED drivers. Standard with 200ma auxiliary output & NFC programming.


LED drivers for indoor & outdoor applications. Universal AC input voltage 90v-305v & 347/480v, 5W-400W, IP65-67, Triac 0-10 dimmable. Constant Current, constant voltage.

EOS Power:

High effiency power solutions. AC/DC switching power supplies, 25W-450W. Medical, industrial, AV & communication applications.

VOX Power:

Cutting-edge & miniature AC/DC power converters with highest power densities on the market. Custom modular medical designs with up to 4 medically isolated outputs as well as industrial solutions.

BluTek Power:

Custom & standard AC to DC power supplies in the 18 to 4500W range that can be configured for appliactions up to 20Kw. Single phase, three phase & DC input.


Design & manufacture circuit protection components including over temperature, over current & over voltage protection & integrated circuit protection solutions. Products include: Thermal-link(TCO), Metal Oxide Varistor(MOV), Thermal Fuse & MOV(TFMOV), Surge Protection Device(SPD), Wirewound Fusing Resistor(RXF), Thermal-link & Fusing Resistor(TRXF), Current Fuse(Fuse), Ideal Thermal Fuse(iTCO) & Protective Unit for Adapto(PUA).

GPE Electronics:

High reliability wall mount & desktop power supplies.


Design & mfg diverse power product lines that fulfill power requirements across multiple sectors: AC/DC, DC/AC. Products include: DC/AC Pure Sine Wave inverter 150 Watts-4,000 Watts, Inverter Charger, Battery Charger, AC/DC Switching Mode Power Supplies 5 Watts- 3,000 watts.

ISO 9001:2008
AS 9120A

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