Our experienced and knowledgeable inspection staff performs detailed inspections on all incoming and outgoing product. Inspection criteria for a wide range of product types are pre-established and based upon the IDEA 1010, IPC600 and AS6081 standards. The custom Abstract Electronics ERP Receiving Inspection module provides inspectors with up to date information regarding product specifications, descriptions and includes internet links for products with ERAI counterfeit notifications, keeping our inspectors better informed increases the effectiveness of our inspections.


X-ray Inspection:

AS6081 inspections include x-ray inspections to ensure lots have consistent internal construction.


XRF inspection:

The use of x-ray fluorescence allows inspectors to verify the elemental composition of inspected items. This ensures product has the correct lead finish and internal make-up. If RoHs product is required, we can verify it’s compliance, if leaded product is required, we can verify it meets specification.


Solderability testing:

In-house solderability testing ensures the products you receive from Abstract Electronics will solder as they should, eliminating down-time and rework costs.


Surface testing:

Four inspection methods are used in the examination of integrated circuit surfaces. During visual inspections, inspectors subject products to acetone solvent, mechanical scraping, and microscope examination using up to 200x magnification.  Additionally, AS6081 inspections include hot solvent testing using Dynasolve 750 solution.



Die verification inspection is performed using our Nisene Jet X Pro decapsulation machine and high power reflective light microscope. Die are inspected to ensure proper markings and identifications, wire bond quality, and the absence of factory reject dots. Our large and growing data bank of factory and open market die images allows us to often times compare a die against previous inspections.


Electrical Testing:

Programmable parts are tested on one of our two program testers. This helps ensure customers receive product which is free of programs and ready to use. Erasable product is run through an AQL sample of full fill random program, verify, erase, and blank check cycle to verify product function.


MSL Compliance:

In-house baking and dry packing allows Abstract Electronics to deliver moisture sensitive product which is ready to assemble. This helps our customer’s reduce cost and production time.