The purpose of Abstract Electronics is to build a customer base of satisfied customers by delivering consistent timely shipments of authentic, high quality products that meet their requirements and which are processed by a unified team of knowledgeable and inspired people.

The processes and resources used to supply these products shall be organized, monitored, measured, and continually improved upon in a manner that reduces risks, costs, and inefficiencies.

Our Quality Policy



At Abstract Electronics we understand in order to create satisfied and loyal customers we must consistently perform at a high level and do many things right before this can happen. We have to keep improving our software systems, our knowledge level, our workforce, our equipment, our supply chain, and our policies and procedures. We have to stay in-tune with our customer’s needs and be prepared to change and adapt to meet those needs. We want our customers to receive a high-quality experience from us, not just high-quality products.


Quality Management System

Our management team is committed to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. Our Quality Management System is certified to the latest revisions of ISO9001, AS9120, and AC-0056B and the warehouse is certified to ANSI S20.20:2014. You can be assured your order is being processed in a manner approved by the international business community.


Inspection Process

Our incoming and outgoing inspection processes are tailored to customer requirements using flow downs and unique process set-ups. Component inspections use baseline criteria based on the IDEA 1010 and AS6081 Standards. Counterfeit detection is utilized in all inspections. Abstract Electronics is a founding member of ERAI and a member of GIDEP. Our inspectors are well trained with years of hands-on experience.


Abstract Electronics has in-house inspection capabilities that include:

X-Ray –

Products are inspected to confirm consistent internal construction of lead frames and bond wires.


X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF)

RoHS compliance is verified using our Thermo Scientific Niton XL3

Solderability –

Lead finish condition is verified using our RPS Solderability tester.


Hot Solvent Test –

Component surfaces are examined for the presence of secondary coatings.


Die Verification –

Die is extracted and viewed under very high magnification for authenticity markings.



Abstract Electronics is a hybrid distributor of products where traceability requirements are dependent on customer needs. Products coming from one of our many franchise lines have full manufacturer trace and warranty. Other items will have trace levels that are agreed upon with our customers at time of quotation.

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